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Welcome to Desathi Balijakula Kavarai Sangam

Desathi Balijakula Kavarai Sangam is one of the most popular sangams in Tamilnadu. This Association was Established in the year 1978.

The First President was Mr. Kodekku J. Ganapathi Chetti. This association has so far functioned with various presidents and other office bearers from time to time as per its by law.

At present this is presided by Mr. Beemala E. Subramanian Chetti



Mr. B. Seetharaman B.A, B.L

He is Advocate of Desathi Balijakula Kavarai Sangam.

Advocate 0975100480

No:3, 12th Cross Street, Anna Nagar,

Chengalpattu - 603 001


Assistant Election Commissioner

Mr. Thandu T. J. Radhakrishna Chetti B.E

He is Controller of Desathi Balijakula Kavarai Sangam.

Register No: 41/2011

Controller 96000 63480

Controller Address:

No:43C, Bharathiyar Street,

Gokulapuram, Chengalpattu - 603 001


Mr. Beemala E. Subramanian  Chetti

He is the President of Desathi Balijakula Kavarai Sangam and also president of Chengalpattu anti-corruption Movement and president of varthaga sangam

Ph.No: 94433 26489

President Address:

No:106, GST Road,

Chengalpattu - 603 001



Mr. Kongi G. Jayaraman Chetti

He is the Secretary of Desathi Balijakula Kavarai Sangam.

Ph.No: 98848 77751





Mr. Gopathi V. Anantharaman Chetti

He is the Cashier of Desathi Balijakula Kavarai Sangam.

Ph.No: 89399 77823




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